The Power of Partnerships

As much as we all aspire to be all things to all people, unless you’re an omnipresent, omniscient being or a pug that’s not a reality. As an overachiever, I’ve tried, and found the best results always come from focusing on your strengths and passions and persevering.

So, what’s the magic recipe to growing a successful and incredibly efficient business without being either a pug or a deity? Partnerships. 

Smart. Strategic. Partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all parties. Who doesn’t like a win-win scenario?

We’re seeing successful partnerships play out everyday in the Electric Vehicle industry. Companies that make chargers and superchargers for electric vehicles (EVs) need public and residential places to install their chargers. Car manufacturers and vehicle related businesses need chargers to be readily accessible to tamp down the fear of mileage limitations of EVs. Utilities need a new customer base.  Real Estate Developers need new innovative projects. Together they continue to form creative partnerships that lead to pilot projects to install chargers, ordinance changes to favor chargers, legislative changes that address everything from charger rates to locations and permitting. 

We recently highlighted an innovative EV partnership in Detroit on InfoHive. This partnership brought together utilities, the city, real estate developers, automotive manufacturers, and nonprofits. A lot of entities grew their supporters, their customers and grew their business by thinking outside the box and seeing the value in collaboration. Vanilla Ice is right- Stop. Collaborate. And listen.

These EV partnerships are building innovative pilot programs that grow their businesses, develop industry leaders, and build relationships with consumers and leaders to strengthen their brands and their businesses.