Strategies, perceptions & momentum

With the proper strategy, businesses and organizations can focus on both profit and responsibility to build their brand in this new economy.

I work to find the ideal intersection of sustainability, social impact, and business operations.

A very smart woman doing the right thing, at the right time. She will do what it takes to achieve client goals.

Bill Miller, Founding Partner, HillcoPartners

When I need engaging, thorough counsel, I call Tessa. Her intellect and unique perspectives that highlight all angles have never let me down. BeeHive Partners will not let you down either.

Jennifer Barger Johnson, Business Law Professor and former Cherokee Nation Gaming Commissioner


Decades of experience in state government, the legal industry, and consulting mean I'm good.

Very good.


I craft positive solutions, individually tailored to meet goals.
My clients include Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, non-profit organizations, campaigns and elected officials.


Business Strategies

As an attorney licensed in California and Texas, I analyze situations with the keen eye of a lawyer who has been working among politicians for two decades.

I know that with proper strategy, businesses and organizations can focus on both profit and social impact no matter how high the obstacles seem.

Opportunity is ripe.


Governmental Affairs

I have hands-on experience of more than a decade working for the Texas House Speaker Pro Tem and Chair of the Powerful House Calendars Committee.

While inside the Capitol I had access to the meetings everyone wants to be in and crafted my skills and cultivated relationships.

I have successfully advised clients through turbulent crises. I have shepherded legislative, procedural, regulatory and legal strategies to attain client’s goals.


Social Impact

Whether you're a social enterprise or you want to increase your social impact, I'm here for you.

I offer services to project your social impact, increase your customer loyalty, improve employee relations, & build your reputation in the community.

Partnership matching, investor relations, reporting, corporate citizenship, and employee engagement & retention are just a few ways I can help others see the best in you too.


Offline & Online Communication

Reaching your audience where they are & speaking to them on their terms strengthens your relationship with your customers, stakeholders & community.

I develop digital strategies and offline communications. I have your back.

I'll develop & streamline your communications, develop your social media presence, and perfect your messaging.

I believe that doing good is the path forward to your success.

What I Do


Empower You

My clients aspire to achieve goals, and I help get them to the finish line.

I listen. I hear your concerns, your goals, and your hopes.

This is key: I continue to listen to you throughout the process. You’re not a number. You matter.

I develop the strategies to empower you.


My Approach

I create and deliver a strategy to move your vision forward so that you can focus on your business.

I absorb and process information from limitless sources.Whether its a new way to create an economic development incentive or a business trend in rural France that could be tweaked to benefit your urban American market.

I believe information is a super power.


Consulting Package

Contact me Let’s find some time to start a conversation.

We’ll talk about what your needs and goals are.

We’ll find a personally tailored way to achieve your desired result.

It’s important to me that you're empowered to keep doing what you do. All the while, I'll work to achieve your goals that make you even better.

Doing good is imperative in the new normal.

How I Think


Limitless Sources

Today’s information is not constricted by traditional resources.

If people are talking about it, true or false, you need to know what they are saying.

Preparation is key.


Knowledge is Your Super Power

Empowering you with information to help you, your clients, and your businesses navigate the waters.

I extract meaningful information from limitless sources. Then I adapt strategies based on that information so that you stay in the game.



Just like my junior high nickname, Swiss Miss, I believe all sides of an issue are important.

I talk to people on all sides because I respect people on all sides.

I see the best in everyone.

Why Tessa?

I see the best in everyone. My rosy view is addictive.
My vision helps others see the best in you too.

I personalize strategies to meet your goals. Whether you want better relationships with elected officials, a strategic plan to tackle policy issues, you want the ideal intersection of sustainability, social responsibility, community involvement & internal relationship building, or identifying and building partnerships. Tessa is here for you.

We’ve entered a new economy. The world has changed in 2020. Our new economy has increased focus on social responsibility for corporations with all their stakeholders. Today new employees look for employers that do good things. Consumers switch to purpose driven companies and are quick to boycott. Political interests want to know about your good works. How we treat our community and our supply chain matters.

I believe in a glass half full and in making lemon chiffon cake from lemons because everyone else can hand you a glass of lemonade. I’ll build a unique approach for the solutions you need so that others can see the best in you too.

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I do.

About Me

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Hej, I'm Tessa

One of my first memories of the United States is walking through my elementary school for my first day of class wearing wooden sole clogs and my long blonde hair in braids. It’s the echoing of the clogs that I can still hear.

The echo came with weird looks of why is that girl wearing noisy shoes? The simple answer, I’m a Nordic immigrant. The answer that is true today too, I am too Swedish for the U.S. and too American for Sweden. Or, as I like to think of it, I’m the best of both the old and new world.

This means that I see the world full of opportunities. I believe that doing good and leading a successful business are not mutually exclusive.

I’m an optimistic attorney who has spent the last 20 years working around the Texas legislature to find creative solutions that make a great impact.

823 Congress Avenue Suite P-2 Austin TX 78701