Happy + Healthy Employees = Increased Profits

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for people. Smart businesses will start the year evaluating how to make their employees lives better so that they have happy, productive employees. 

Happy employees like robust employee wellness programs. These aren’t the wellness programs of some high school gym teacher in the 1960s or a program that militantly tracks 25,000 steps a day. No, these are whole mind, whole body wellness programs that feel good. 

Businesses have the opportunity to make employees feel valued by improving or introducing employee wellness programs! Show them you too are interested in their happiness and wellbeing.

First create an employee work group to find out what would happiness and wellbeing means to your employees.

Easy and affordable wellness options include:

  • onsite meditation room,
  • flexible schedules including the option to work from home one day a week,
  • occasional onsite yoga class,
  • employee gardening program,
  • nutritious snack options in the break room, or
  • PTO for volunteering

Companies that invest in the well-being of employees reap financial returns from increased employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Strengthen your profit potential by creating an environment where your employees wellbeing and happiness is valued.