Why BeeHive?

Why BeeHive? 

In 2004, we were two overachievers working in the Texas State Capitol. We’re loyal by nature and stayed in touch for 15 years. Today we are two overachieving, loyal business partners, sharing our love of doing good in the world while building successful businesses. 

Tessa is the foreign born, strategic, business-minded attorney, who began consulting on public, legal and government affairs in 2012 and has been a working licensed attorney for two decades.

Sarah is the native Houstonian, passionate about helping others, driven to create a positive social impact, who found herself at home in the nonprofit world for more than a decade.

If you ask us, we will each say the other is the yin to our yang.

In 2018, fate stepped in and we were lucky to work together on a project that will bring people together and help the world. Working together on a social impact project made us the happiest we’ve ever been! 

Now here we are freshly minted partners in BeeHive Partners. Every day is an exciting adventure. We are building positive impact for our clients while fueling their financial growth. It’s our happy place.

We want you to love what your business does too!

Our magical combination, Tessa’s strategic, attorney mind and Sarah’s intense focus on social impact in a digital world, is the perfect mix. With insights from the business world, the nonprofit world, 10+ years of knowing funders’ expectations, and navigating the plethora of rules and laws, we strategize ways to incorporate social good and profit for companies.

You can count on us for positive vibes on social media, examples of successful social impact via e-newsletter, and a monthly blog post with advice on how to make your company’s social impact. 

We look forward to staying connected with you on this journey for good. 

Sending positive vibes,

Tessa & Sarah