This is for All the People

I started a podcast for BeeHive. Is it my comfort zone? Most definitely not.  Have I grown to like it? Yes.  Does it feel weird to sit alone in your office and all out loud? Most definitely yes. Do I care that it feels weird? Not at all.

Sarah and I talked about starting a podcast last year. We want to highlight  how as a partnership we are stronger because of our differences. We are very different people who balance each other and make each other stronger.  Our banter tends to be very funny because of our differences.

Then life happened, and I embarked on the podcast journey solo until Sarah can join us. I’ve been talking about how to turn the bad advice, that we all get, into good advice. 

In an episode called Pisces Moon I talk about reading my moon sign, which is not something usually in my lingo. Lo and behold what did I discover but that a person with a Pisces Moon always sees the sunny side of things.

Long term success grows from the transformational power of doing good things— being kind, supporting your community, building up your employees, and helping the greater good. The data shows us that those things directly correlate to greater profit. That is a win to those old school business types too. 

At the end of the night, when your head hits the pillow, if you’re like me, you want to know that you saw everyone in the most positive light possible and did something, no matter how small, to make the world better.

As I sit in my office and talk to myself, record it and share it you will hear me talking about being the best version of yourself.

This fits perfectly with Sarah and I’s dynamic. I see the good side of everything. I see optimism and opportunity everywhere. Sarah will bring the data, her amazingly well honed empathy, and her brilliant humor later.

I’m very excited to watch our podcast grow and to step out of my comfort zone more. I hope on this journey that some morsel we share on our pod cast, This is for All the People, will nourish your success.

Until next time, be kind to yourself and to others.