A Judgement-free Company Culture

Is your company culture supportive of all life choices?

Employees face countless societal expectations everyday. Successful businesses support their employees without judgment to strengthen diversity, inclusion, performance, morale, and countless other attributes of success.

At BeeHive we represent two very different lifestyle choices and work hard to create a culture where both are treated equally and provided the tools for success. 

Tessa is happily childfree and I am currently pregnant with my second. In many work environments there can be a divide and even judgement between parents and childfree adults. At BeeHive we strive to create a workplace environment that makes either choice  valid and important. 

We have flexible hours so I can leave early to pick up my daughter and Tessa can come in late to miss the horrible Austin traffic. We can work nights or weekends if we have appointments for any reason during the workweek. 

Most importantly we are judgement free. We support each other’s concerns and life events. Whether it is a sick kid, a long client lunch, a concern about aesthetics, or any other topic of conversation we consider them to be equally important and valued.

By supporting each other fully and without judgement we create an environment for each other to feel valued and thrive. When team members are supported by their employer, they work harder to support the company that they feel invested in. 

Be sure your company culture is judgment free and has systems in place to support all life choices. Productivity and morale will improve, as will your bottom line.