A Happier & More Profitable Future

 Photo by Larry Downing/Reuters

What would happen if we all took the brave step to create the world that we want to live in? A world where it is not only okay to choose to be happy but where happiness is encouraged and enriches your bank account. 

The world can be better. It can be a place where happiness is elevated and good acts are rewarded. You can make it happen. I can make it happen. Businesses can and are making it happen by prioritizing sustainability, ethical business relationships and investing in employees and their communities.

The financial data has been telling us for years that being good to your employees, your community and your supply chain can lead to more profit.  If we think of capitalism in terms of game theory, being generous leads to others being generous in return. Being a good community partner, leads to consumers wanting to support your business. It’s the best type of vicious cycle – vicious happiness. 

This summer business delivered bold action and took positive steps to create  good in the world while increasing profit. 

Business Roundtable took the bold step to re-frame the purpose of business in the U.S. The new purpose for business is to take the lead on sustainability and prosperity by creating long term value for consumers, employees, suppliers, and communities. 

181 CEOs signed the Business Roundtable statement to re-define corporate responsibility as benefitting society and move corporate responsibility away from a laser focus on shareholders. This phenomenal shift makes for a better world and higher profits. 

Another bold step was taken by car manufacturers, who were dissatisfied with federal government action on emissions.  Car manufacturers approached the State of California and worked toward a standard agreement on emissions. This outside the box thinking improved business and our communities.

I’m going to let you in on a secret…. Good things can and do happen. This ideal world where people do good things and capitalism is no longer a dirty word whispered in hushed corners, isn’t a pipe dream from a Swede longing for her mother country. It’s happening and it’s happening in the heart of capitalism.

Welcome to the future where we’re happy and we’re profitable.